Many businesses are undergoing rapid transformation due to the effects of covid, the need for productivity, and the current technological innovations, such as the Modern Workplace technology, which enables employees and employers to be supported by the leading technology that enables them to work smarter and be more productive, collaborate with remote teams and reap the other many benefits of Modern workplace technologies that include Microsoft Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security and a variety of productivity and collaboration tools designed to support modern ways of working, help facilitate digital transformation, and most importantly keep your business secure. 

Microsoft Modern Workplace applications create more seamless communication across the business whilst promoting collaboration and maintaining the security and integrity of systems and data. A modern Workplace is an operational setup that has been professionally designed to meet both the physical and technological needs of both your business and its employees. 

Here are some of the benefits of the Modern workplace:  

  • General Memo – It enables employees to request funds from the organization’s finance unit e.g., funds for procurement of items.
  • Leave process: Used by employees for vacation request purposes and approval. With All Hours HR can easily track all types of leave, including annual leave, sick leave, public holidays, private or unpaid leave, or the usage of surplus hours.  Administrators get an email notification when a new request is made, and the employees are notified when their request is approved or rejected.  
  • New user creation – Used to register and onboard new employees on the organization repository with assigned user ID.  
  • Confirmation (Reversal/correct errors) – This business process is used to reverse and correct already initiated transactions.  
  • Training and manpower development process – Used to request for employee’s training and skill development cost. With the assistance of MS Modern workplace Talent Management, organizations keep a close eye on the skills of their employees and can immediately address deficits. Set requisite skills and skill levels for each employee. All required and actual skills are shown in a chart, directly in the digital file. HR can engage the direct manager of the employee based on the training needs of that employee.  
  • Account/Retro Fac Settlement Process – Used for the purpose of account/retro settlement request and approval. How and when transactions are settled can be complex subjects, so it’s essential that the organization understand and correctly define the parameters to meet business requirements. Signal Alliance Consulting was able to implement and train the accounting staff of Continental Reinsurance to be able to set the following on auto so it’s easier for them to carry out this financial transaction. The following were deployed; Automatic settlement, Cash discount administration, underpayment, and overpayment, calculate cash discounts for partial payment, calculate cash discounts for credit notes, etc.  
  • User Rights Modification Process – Used to request an employee rights modification or creation. We deployed what we call Information Rights Management (IRM) which helps the organization prevent sensitive information from being printed, forwarded, or copied by unauthorized people. The permissions are stored in the document where they are authenticated by an IRM server. Signal Alliance Consulting, created for the organization a cloud identity which will be authenticated using traditional challenge/response.  
  • Intercompany Transaction Process – Used to make intercompany transaction requests before payment.  


Testimonial of How M365 helped position one of our client’s organizations for growth  

Now that this solution has been successfully deployed and implemented for Continental Re-insurance, with our GTM (GO to market) strategies we are on the verge of workshops and pilot deployment to onboard more customers on the solution platform. Now, I am working on inventory reports for KDSG and doing 19 automation for the Food concept. This has really positioned our organization for future growth.  

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