Cloud & Data Analytics

Our Cloud & Data Analytics Services help your organization simplify IT, reduce cost, and deliver more on your information technology investment.

At Signal Alliance, we consider trust and experience as vital components to successfully delivering on any project. Over two decades of operations and our Gold partnership status with the largest OEMs globally, puts us at the forefront of handling on your technology projects successfully. 

Our Cloud & Data Analytics practice
offers the following solutions

Cloud Technology

Services that address cloud challenges including Azure subscription overages, security breaches, limited skill set, inability to acquire DC infrastructure, etc

Cloud computing has transformed traditional technology strategy and delivery models for organizations today.

Cloud-based solutions are flexible, scalable, and secure, giving organizations the ability to do more with less and meet increasing consumer demand to deliver the latest technologies. Working with the right technology service provider, you can make strategic decisions about cloud services that lower costs, improve efficiency, and grow market share.

We understand that managing technology can be cumbersome, costly, and sometimes counterproductive to growing your organization. Cloud offerings give you multiple options and support levels to make technology less complicated and more strategic.

Transitioning your workloads to the cloud, affords your business the competitive advantages:

1. Reduce expenses associated with buying and maintaining hardware.
2. Obtain a responsive, flexible, and scalable IT infrastructure that performs at optimal levels
3. Enhanced security through round-the-clock system monitoring by a team of experts.
4. Defense against threats and attacks.
5. Simplify future IT cost projections
6. Customize the levels of service that is appropriate for your organization.
7. Leverage industry experts to maximize your IT enterprise.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions for your organization include the following:

1. Cloud infrastructure redundancy and replicated systems managed by our experts.
2. Shared Virtual Desktops for enhanced user experience, speed, and security, with data residing securely in the data center.
3. Disaster Recovery Services greatly reducing recovery time for your IT environment using automation for server recovery.
4. Hosted Backup ensuring data is always available and compliant to industry regulations.

We provide in-depth Cloud expertise to ensure you make the best of the opportunities the cloud presents. Through our consulting-led approach, we will help you connect the Cloud benefits to your business. We will guide your Cloud Adoption initiatives for your business and mission critical applications and give you the tools to manage them seamlessly. We will leverage global, top-tier data centers and networks, in recommending safe and secure Cloud platforms your business needs.


Data Management

This solution offers the capability to connect and fetch data from multiple sources while guaranteeing data integrity and data quality

Data is at the heart of every business. Today, more than ever, companies need reliable data to make timely, data-driven decisions to stay ahead of their competition. With exploding data sources, complex data types, and increasing data volumes, integrating data from disparate sources, and getting value from that data have become even more challenging.

Signal Alliance along her technology partner, Informatica, helps you unleash the value of your data. We offer unique end-to-end Data Management Solutions with a broad set of capabilities to integrate raw, fragmented data from disparate sources, and transforming this data into complete, high-quality, business-ready data for predictive analytics. The Data Management Solutions scale to meet expanding business needs, data volumes, and complexity, while providing insights to the business.

Whether you are planning a data warehousing project, integrating, or migrating application data, or evolving to a hybrid data architecture, we support your plans and initiatives to keep your business agile.

Our Data Management Solutions deliver highly visual, easy-to-use environment enables IT to jump-start and cost-effectively scale data integration projects without any hand-coding. Results are achieved at speeds of up to five times faster than hand-coding and traditional graphical tools.

Real-time data analytics is critical to stay on top of market realities and act at the right time. Our Data Management Solutions offer continuous data processing with a zero-latency engine, enabling business users make timely, data-driven decisions.

Our technology partner is the Top Choice in the Leaders Quadrant based on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the following categories:

1. Enterprise IPaaS Leader.
2. Data Integration Tools.
3. Data Quality Tools.
4. Metadata Management Solutions.
5. Master Data Management Solutions.

Together with Informatica, our Enterprise Data Management Solutions give you the edge in taking your businesses and organizations to the next level.


Microsoft Dynamics 365
CRM & ERP Solutions

A connected business cloud that brings together data, people, operations, and businesses

Winning customers and keeping them happy with Microsoft Dynamics 365, can help businesses maximize opportunities, boost productivity, and gain greater business insight.

Dynamics 365 is perfect for organizations looking for an all-in-one business management solution to connect operational processes, improve customer interactions, and enhance growth. With this solution, you can break down silos created by traditional ERP and CRM solutions and incorporate all components into a consolidated view of your customers and operations.

Custom solutions that are built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365. Plus, you can take advantage of all Microsoft integration points available across applications and solutions.

Benefits of Dynamics 365

Migrating to a modern, cloud-based business management solution delivers the most impact in three main categories:

1. Automated processes and workflows.
2. Cross-department data and process flow.
3. Centralized data management.

Through automated processes, the most common tasks, such as creating invoices and purchase orders are done efficiently and with fewer errors. Invoices that are correct and go out faster mean you get paid more quickly. Removing the barriers between departments also creates efficiencies to move a product order through manufacturing, turn a sales order into a shipment, and send the invoice for a service call. The digital flow of business processes reduces the miscommunication, lag times, and workarounds that plague most organizations. Centralized data management is the key to unlock the digital transformation that everyone talks about these days. When you control the data flowing in, through, and out of your business, you really can transform operations. You can deliver personalized information, predict customer behavior, optimize inventory, and much more.

“With Dynamics 365 for CRM, you gain a connected solution to engage your customers, work smarter and deliver faster and more effectively. Deliver the best customer experiences with every interaction - from sales and services to marketing and social media, with centralized data that helps you turn every interaction into an opportunity”