Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes as cyber criminals’ increasingly sophisticated tactics continue to disrupt organizations. Gartner insight projected that businesses would spend more than $123 billion on security in 2020 and projects that figure to grow to $170.4 billion by 2022.

However, hackers still manage to compromise corporate data and systems with relative ease and on a regular basis. That is because organizations continue to lack cybersecurity awareness and utilize poor practices that result in their data being unprotected and vulnerable to theft and breaches.

The issue facing organizations has been further exacerbated by operating remote workforces, the increasing cybersecurity skills gap, and the growth of connected and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices that are particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Cyber security and protection are critical aspects of your business, and at Signal Alliance Consulting, we work with Microsoft, a global technology giant, to deliver end-to-end security solutions that ensure maximum security for your data and IT infrastructure.

Advantages of cyber security for your business

Protection of key Business information: The most significant benefit of cyber security is that it gives your company a comprehensive digital protection. This will allow your staff to access the internet whenever they want while also protecting them from potential risks.

Secured remote working: Your confidential data, analytics, and strategies are always at a risk of getting hacked. However, cybersecurity technologies and good IT support solutions can secure your data and IT infrastructure while preventing hackers from snooping or tracking your employee’s data.

You’ll save and make money: Everything boils down to money and profits for a company at the end of the day. When a business is attacked, it not only results in a loss of daily sales and a halt in operations, but it also frequently results in the payment of large sums in ransomware. By investing in solid IT support solutions and cultivating a healthy cybersecurity culture within the organization, businesses can avoid paying hefty sums in ransomware.

It Builds Customer Trust and Confidence: When customers know your organization has a track record of diligently protecting customer data, they are more likely to make purchases/buy services. Hence customers feel safe and confident while transacting with you because they know you have a solid cybersecurity structure.

What Makes Us Unique? Why should you Choose Signal Alliance Consulting for your Cyber Security Solutions?

According to checkpoint, more than 3.7 million hacking attempts were made in Nigeria in 2021, with more than 46% of them being carried out by recognized harmful organizations.

Due to the high rise in security breaches, Signal Alliance Consulting stepped in to solve one of the greatest challenges to digital transformation. We possess Microsoft gold competency in Security as well as Advanced specializations in Identity and Access Management, Information protection & governance, and Threat protection that has established us as front liners in giving immediate response to the emerging & prevailing threat across SMB/SMC & enterprise network architecture.

With our team of experts, we have proffered solutions to the security problems facing many enterprise organizations in Nigeria and Africa- most notable Mint Nigeria, where we were able to help:

  • Ensure secured remote accessibility which enables Mint Nigeria’s staff to work anywhere and anytime and has tremendously improved their productivity.
  • Strengthen Mint Nigeria’s employee’s credentials by turning on MFA for all their users to have additional security and requiring a second form of authentication to help safeguard access to data and applications.
  • Protect Mint Nigeria from unknown malware and viruses, and now have better zero-day protection
  • Define Mint Nigeria’s sensitive data as well as establishing their label taxonomy and many more.


To find out more about how we can support your business to achieve digital success with holistic security solutions contact us or send an email to

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