Microsoft Viva

Employees coming together to help each other, offer support and collaborate to drive workplace productivity and customer experience is important to the growth of any business and fosters employee experience. In the last two years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw the mode of work face some challenges and take some new turns, hence remote work also called working from home (WFH), provided a solution, with employees performing their roles away from the office supported by specialized technology, for example, Viva communication eliminating the commute to an office to remain connected with colleagues and clients.

Organizations were faced with the problem to ensure their employees work from home to meet their customers’ demands while at the same time protecting their key data. Not only that, but they also needed to ensure efficiency by bringing together all the social tools used by the organization. To solve the work from home problem faced by some organizations, SA Consulting, a subsidiary of Signal Alliance Technology Holding, built an intranet portal for one of her customers, Sparkle Microfinance bank to enable them to integrate all their social tools. With Microsoft Viva, Sparkle got a new integrated Employee Experience platform that brought together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights in a collection of apps delivered in Teams. Microsoft Viva leverages the component of the Microsoft 365 Modern Intranet experience, that delivers a user-friendly communication tool that increases efficiency across units.

Viva connection provides a personalized gateway to an organization’s digital workplace where employees can access internal communications and company resources like policies and benefits and participate in communities like employee resource groups, all from a single customizable app in Microsoft Teams. Overall, the value realized was Increased social engagement, and increase usage of teams, SharePoint & Viva thereby leading to efficiency and cost management.

The uniqueness of Viva our solution for Employee Experience

With Viva Connection were able to build a solution that help build an engaging and interactive intranet portal by bringing together the social tools (yammers, teams, SharePoint) + other company resources needed to build a dynamic intranet portal their employees love and engage daily thereby bringing everyone together to keep everyone in the flow. With the uniqueness of our solution employees can find news, conversations, and resources—everything they need to do their jobs well—all in one place.

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