From People to Potential: Harnessing Creativity & Innovation in the workplace

In the current landscape, talent management has transited beyond “employee engagement” to “employee involvement’’ where staff are involved in critical activities that define a new path for their organizations or solve strategic problems that were hitherto undefined.  Such employees get a sense of fulfillment of having contributed towards a transformative change in the life cycle of their respective organizations.


When talent is properly managed, it encourages innovation, fosters inclusiveness, and gives employees a feeling of ownership in an organization’s decision-making process.

In a bid to support organizations desirous of leveraging and better managing the innate abilities of their employees to achieve strategic goals and objectives, Signal Alliance has developed the IdeaHub Solution to aid firms  to seamlessly collate and evaluate ideas received from employees across the business.

Innovation begins with creativity. In the world of organizations, be they private or public, lack of either leads to stagnation, and leaves an organization unable to perform or meet change.

However, innovation does not occur in a vacuum; it requires effective strategies and frameworks, among which incentives are paramount. Creativity flourishes in organizations that support open ideas:

Our Idea Hub solution provides an avenue for staff to deploy their innate skills or talent towards providing solutions to key management challenges which may not necessarily be within their normal job function. The solution is designed to enable HR Professionals optimize their pool of talents beyond the regular KPIs and job descriptions.

Application Overview

With IdeaHub App, organizations can tap into one of their most valuable sources for inspiration, their employees. Users can submit ideas, vote on the ideas that they like the best, and managers can manage idea campaigns or challenges.

Users can also view other users’ ideas and vote for ideas they liked the most. You can customize these experiences by creating new campaigns, specify the description that justifies your new idea, and provide date response when the campaign will be open for response.

The IdeaHub App also includes insights about who is submitting the most idea this week and the most popular idea this week.

With IdeaHub, you can easily search and find ideas, capture feedbacks from users participating in idea challenge.

What makes IdeaHub unique?


IdeaHub is a market game-changer in that it is built with an intuitive design and is collaborative in nature.

Employees can use social media features like emojis, likes, and comments to drive consumption and invariably measure performance of suggestions that would push organizations to the forefront as critical thinkers.

This App is built on Power Platform, a suite of products that allows users of an organization to submit ideas giving the ability to managers to post idea challenges and select top ideas.

The Idea Hub is built on a four-tier application layer and distributed via Microsoft Teams.

  1. Database Layer – SharePoint
  2. UI/UX Form Layer – Power Apps
  3. Automation Layer – Power Automate
  4. Reporting Layer – Power BI
  5. All notifications come via Microsoft teams & also Emails.


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