Women of SATH on #IWD

There are 40% women in SATH. And 40% in top management. We are proud of how far we have come to creating a fairly diversified company. But it’s still a journey that is yet to reach the destination we want.

International Women's Day

Our hiring practice since inception has been to take the most qualified. Whether male or female. Initially, this meant more men. The tech industry has not always been favorable to women. But over the years gender diversity has improved. More women are entering the technology space. Locally and globally. We are taking advantage of that to bring into Signal Alliance some of the brightest and most talented ladies who have been part of our journey in the past 25 years.

Having women as equals in the workplace is not a favor to women. It’s also not just to tick off boxes to show the world that you conform. The company is a place for human beings to work. Simple. And every human being is welcome. The only limitation is that we want people who are smart and can hold their own in the pursuit of the company’s goals. And I am happy that we have found smart humans wherever we look. Beyond the gender diversity, we are also ensuring that the company is a diverse place culturally and across generations X, Y, Z.

But diversity is a work in progress. It also means that the journey to provide a workplace that suits our diversity is important. How do we ensure that our colleagues who are women are not working in an environment designed for men? Are not being judged as men with all the cultural stereotypes that have been placed against women for generations

How do we teach men to accept that women are their equals in the workplace? How do we ensure that career progress is as easy for women as it is for men?
We can have more women in the workforce and still not be diverse in the real sense. We can only be diverse in a real sense when any human of SATH can have equal opportunity, male or female, or any other measure of diversity the company has defined.

That’s the journey we have started, and for which we would like to be measured.
I congratulate the Women of SATH. And on behalf of the company thank them for the incredible work they have done and continue doing for all of us in SATH.

Happy International Women’s Day