The need for seamless workflow, collaboration, and effective communication became necessary during the pandemic. Most, if not all workers experienced and are still experiencing a work from home (WFH) mode, which is as a result of the aftermath of covid-19. Hence WFH has become a policy priority for most organizations in 2020 and beyond. How can work productivity be achieved with this new mode of work?  

Being a technology integrator company with innovation at heart and the biggest partner of various Original Equipment manufacturers such as Microsoft in Africa, Signal Alliance Technology Holding, deploy tech solutions that aids productivity, enhances collaboration, and supports the new mode of work. Microsoft Teams is one of the Solutions we deploy to different organizations in different sectors of the economy.

The benefits of Microsoft Teams are wide-ranging. Many are related to increased utilization of time and optimization of team cooperation. We introduced and implemented MS Teams collaboration as a solution to help different organizations achieve their goals and solve the problem that may arise from working from home. Signal Alliance Technology Holdings leveraged its expertise in ensuring its users know how to efficiently use Microsoft Teams and all the functionalities embedded in it. 

These features include Persistent chat, audio/video calls, meetings, easy file access, co-authoring on documents, customizations, and extensible features. These has enabled effective collaboration and improved productivity within various organizations where the solution is deployed. With MS Teams we were able to solve the problem of collaboration and sharing of critical documents during the pandemic and after. This has helped the bank to sustain its growth, retain its employees, and consistently engage its teeming customers with a minimal level of customer attrition.  

The Benefits of Microsoft Teams and its features are exhaustive, and they include but are not limited to:  

  • Teams Calling provided a seamless, scalable, and secure experience on mobile, desktop, and meeting room devices 100%  
  • Users leverage the solution to engage their customers or collaborate on sharing important documents with their staff   
  • There is the security of data and files by using multi-factor authentication and secure guest access, Microsoft Teams is very secure. The system offers built-in information protection for large enterprises to the high level that these organizations expect. 
  • With Teams, organizations can plan and schedule meeting with their VIP customers from the comfort of their homes as they are now able to collaborate with their account managers on MS Teams solutions.  
  • Organizations can also integrate all their previous MS solution into the MS team’s solution without losing a single data. Microsoft Teams is fully integrated into Microsoft 365 – Office 365 is now called Microsoft 365. The entire Microsoft Office work family is available. This is a major benefit of Microsoft Teams.  
  • One of the benefits of Microsoft Teams as shown by our deployment for WEMA bank is that it took the bank along a digital transformation journey. As it is a cloud-based system, the bank can now access information 100% from anywhere, on any device, at any time. This has led to quick on-time responses to queries by customers or sharing of files on the go. According to the bank lag time in customer response or staff engagement has reduced by a whopping +83% in the last 24 months. 


 Signal Alliance Technology Holding provides Fast Track training for Staff of the organizations where Teams Calling has been deployed, so as to enable them to maximize the full usage and functionalities of Teams. Organizations such as WEMA Bank, Flour Mills of Nigeria, and First Bank of Nigeria have beckoned our expertise for the deployment of MS Teams. 

Your organization can also check out our website and contact us on 08086633563 or marketing@sathng.com to help you get started.

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