Infrastructure & Service Management Practice

An effective infrastructure operation creates value by making sound choices about which technologies to use and how to integrate them. A technology product purchased from a vendor may be a commodity, but the ability to bring together hardware, software, and support to provide the right combination of cost, resiliency, and features for a new application is not. This is the focus of Signal Alliance’s Infrastructure & Service management practice.

The practice is focused on helping leading companies make themselves more efficient, redefine their business models, and improve their customer experience.

Our Infrastructure & Service Management
Practice offers the following solutions

Enterprise IT

Signal Alliance has developed a rigorous process to review our clients' enterprise network infrastructure strategy and plan for thoroughness, budgetary soundness, impact of industry trends and latest technology on the strategy and plan. We work with organizations to help them create and improve their network strategy and plan as well as conveying that strategy and plan to upper management.

We have assisted our clients in establishing effective program management offices to guide and control network systems implementation and deployment.


Enterprise IT Management (EITM)

Monitor performance and availability of critical IT resources including networks, service desks and applications

The solution covers the following scope:

• IT Network/application monitoring performance suits
• End-to-end IT Service Management and IT Assets Management Suits
• Security Suits for Secure Access across IT Applications/Infrastructure


Microsoft Dynamics 365
CRM & ERP Solutions

A connected business cloud that brings together data, people, operations, and businesses

Winning customers and keeping them happy with Microsoft Dynamics 365, can help businesses maximize opportunities, boost productivity, and gain greater business insight.

Dynamics 365 is perfect for organizations looking for an all-in-one business management solution to connect operational processes, improve customer interactions, and enhance growth. With this solution, you can break down silos created by traditional ERP and CRM solutions and incorporate all components into a consolidated view of your customers and operations.